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TCM 1500-1800kg FGE-1 LP Gas Counterbalance Forklift

Capacity: 1.8 T
Lift Height: 7 m
Mast: Two & Three stage mast available

1500-1800kg capacity compact 4-wheel LP Gas Engine forklifts from TCM

Capable of transporting loads with minimal noise and vibration.

With advanced ergonomics, a host of innovative safety and performance technologies, the FG-E1 trucks boast world-class efficiency.

Standard equipment includes a multifunction LCD display, LED lamp kit, backrest, mirrors and high-quality super elastic tyres.

There’s a wide range of customised options that further enhance versatility, and the on-board diagnostics, rapid troubleshooting and easy servicing means you’ll have maximum uptime.

A spacious operator’s area with adjustable seat and steering column allow the driver to easily customise the truck controls for maximum comfort on long shifts. This combined with the car-like driving characteristics make the forklift a pleasure to drive.


  • Powerful, Efficient Engine

The state-of-the-art engine has been tuned to provide ultimate efficiency whilst keeping emissions low and is available in LPG configuration. The TCM LPG family remains the undisputed leader in clean air engine technology.

  • Eco Mode

Enabling eco-mode on the LPG models not only reduces fuel consumption - by almost 20% - but cuts noise levels significantly, making for a safer, stress-free environment.

  • Floating Cabin

The driver platform is isolated via a patented 4-point shock absorber system that cuts out vibrations, shocks and noise.

With a full range of cabin options, operator comfort is ensured

  • Hydraulic options

Mechanical lever controls or ergonomic fingertip controls in a convenient armrest beside the operator - also available with optional additional hydraulic spool valves for attachments

  • PIN Access

Avoid unauthorised usage with up to five separate codes available - and get a readout of operating hours by code used.

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